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The IFSW 2020 End of Year Report

The IFSW 2020 End of Year Report highlights the many challenges and successes for the international social work profession faced in 2020

The IFSW End of Year report covers the significant period from the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic, tracing the change to online events, global collaborative learning, the inclusive General Meeting and World Conference as well as the new agenda for the social work profession. To access a copy of the 2020 End of Year report click here.

On this occasion, IFSW also launches the updated Abstract Book of last years successful world conference - The Social Work Global Agenda: The Next Ten Years. The Abstract Book has open links that guide readers to the wide range of topics and is a valuable resource for practitioners, educators and students, as well as providing background to the new Global Agenda and its implications of the profession. Click here to access the Abstracts Book.

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