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IASW Accreditation

Application Form & Guidelines for Accreditation of non-IASW CPD Events & Training

June 2015

The IASW has updated its CPD policy regarding the accreditation of external CPD events in response to the publication of the CORU “Social Workers Registration Board Standards and Requirements for Continuing Professional Development.” While CORU states that “generally, one hour of CPD learning activity is equal to one CPD credit,” CORU also states that it is “the responsibility of the individual registrant to allocate CPD credits to each learning activity.”

As a result it is no longer appropriate for the IASW to state how many points should be awarded to a CPD event as this will depend on the relevant past experience & learning needs of each social worker. However, the IASW will continue to accredit CPD events where relevant to the continuous professional development of social workers. 

If you would like to apply for IASW Accreditation for your CPD Event, please download the application guidelines and form from the right side of this page. The completed application form, accompanied by an application fee, where relevant, should be sent to