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World Social Work Day 2018

  • Nationwide
  • 20 Mar 2018

Promoting Community and Environmental Sustainability

World Social Work Day will be on the 20th March 2018. It is the key day in the year that social workers worldwide stand together to celebrate the achievements of the profession and take the theme message into their communities, workplaces and to their governments to raise awareness of the social work contributions and need for further action.

IFSW Secretary-General Rory Truell said, “Each year World Social Work Day expands. We see people that use social work services and community members side-by-side with social workers highlighting the important issues of the Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development. The Global Agenda has bound social workers together globally as advocates for social justice and transformation that enhances social, human and environmental rights”.

The Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development was launched in 2010 when 3000 people representing social work, education, people who use social services and social development came together to create a joint platform for action. The first theme was ‘Promoting Social and Economic Equality’. This was followed by ‘Promoting the Dignity and Worth of all People’ and ‘Promoting Community and Environmental Sustainability’. In July 2018, the final theme of this 10-year plan will conclude with ‘Promoting the Importance of Human Relationships’.

Dr Truell continued, “Each of the Global Agenda themes are integrated. Advocating for social and economic equality, the realisation of people’s rights and dignity, and that the enhancement of community and the wellbeing of our environments is at the heart of what social workers do every day in their work.”

The 2018 World Social Day highlights ‘Promoting Community and Environmental Sustainability’. This is the second and final year of this theme of the Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development.

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