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Sat 25 Jun

Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Ageing and Frailty Studies

closing date for applications 25 June 2022, next intake September 2022


The Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Ageing and Frailty Studies is a 30 ECTS course directed towards a wide range of health-care professionals, including medicine, nursing and allied health disciplines, who wish to improve their knowledge and inform their clinical practice in the area of frailty. The Discipline of Medical Gerontology in Trinity has a wealth of expertise in ageing biology, clinical frailty assessment and management, and in frailty research. We have built on this expertise to create a Postgraduate Certificate that focuses on understanding the ageing process, how dysregulation of physiological systems can lead to frailty, and why these frailty-associated physiological changes leave the older adult more vulnerable to additional morbidity and mortality. This Postgraduate Certificate will also deliver significant content related to how to assess and manage the frail older adult in a clinical setting, including clinical training sessions. Furthermore, graduates of this Postgraduate Certificate will experience how to apply this theoretical and clinical knowledge to a research setting and learn how this research translates back to a clinical setting. The course will expand students’ knowledge and skills in the management of older adults experiencing frailty, using a range of teaching and assessments methods. This will give students the opportunity to produce assessed work which is highly relevant to the clinical environment and which develops independent life‐long learning skills. The course has four modules; (i) The Biology of the Ageing Process (10 ECTS), (ii) Frailty in Ageing Adults (5 ECTS), (iii) Frailty in Ageing Adults: Clinical Practice (5 ECTS), and (iv) Quantitative Analytical Tools for Ageing and Frailty (10 ECTS). The course is taught by the Discipline of Medical Gerontology within the School of Medicine using in-person learning, as well as online-learning through the College Virtual Learning Environment.

How to apply

To apply visit (closing date for applications : 25 June 2022)