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Wed 19 Apr

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction And Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy - MBSR/MBCT

9.30am - 12.00pm / Half Day Class between week 6 & 7


Course Information

This MBSR/MBCT course is modelled on the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn, who initially brought the programme into being, at the University of Massachusetts medical centre, in 1979. Since then, the course has  been further enriched  through the contribution of Mindfulness Based Cognitive  Therapy, developed by Mark Williams, John Teasdale and Segal at the Centre for Mindfulness Research & Practice at Bangor University.

The MBSR/MBCT course has been designed to offer a blend of formal guided mindfulness practices, together with self-directed learning which is facilitated through mindful enquiry, reflection, and the opportunity to benefit from shared learning within a supportive group context. Participants are asked to undertake both formal and informal mindfulness practices six days a week for up to 45 minutes per day. This home practice forms a core component of the course.   

Mindfulness does not offer an escape from suffering and stress, some of which is inherent in the nature of life itself. Mindfulness however teaches us new ways of coping more skillfully with stress. It offers a way of being in which we learn to steer our own course through the flow of life’s constant flux and change. Participants who have undertaken an MBSR/MBCT course report many benefits such as  an enhanced sense of balance and well-being, improved relationships. Research also indicates reports of improvements in physical health, greater concentration, improved sleep and better immunity.  

The duration of the course is nine weeks from Wednesday 19th April to Wednesday 14th June 2023. There will be a half day class between week six and seven.

Facilitator’s Profile

Having recently retired from a long career in Social Work within various settings, Carol Carr completed a MA in Mindfulness Based Interventions at UCD. She has facilitated a number of MBSR/MBCT programmes, and as a long standing member of the IASW, would like to offer this course  to fellow members who feel it may be of benefit to them.    


Carol is offering this MBSR/MBCT course free of charge to IASW members. She has requested however that participants make a donation of €50 to a charity of their own choice.

How to Apply

Please complete the application form and return to Carol at

NB On receipt of a completed application, an online orientation meeting will be organised with each applicant to further explore if this is the right course for them to undertake at this time.   

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