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Micro-credential in Equality Diversity and Inclusion Policy and People

Online | Program starts in January 2024

Course Name: Micro-credential in Equality Diversity and Inclusion Policy and People

Location: Online

Start Date: January 2024

Duration: 6 weeks

Course Info:

This Micro-credential is relevant to those interested in understanding and promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in work and society; civil society groups, public social service sectors with a focus on health, housing, education, older people, and under-represented or socially excluded groups. Additionally, HR professionals and those in Corporate Social Responsibility roles who are driving positive cultural change in their organisations may find this MC useful. 

This micro-credential will engage learners in an introductory understanding of, and critical engagement with, the area of social policy and equality, diversity, and inclusion infrastructure in the Irish context. 

Learners will explore how social policy is constructed; and constructs, intersects, understands, and addresses the needs (or not) of diverse social groups through the lens of equality, diversity, and inclusion: through a critical interrogation with empirical evidence, policy document analysis, advocacy voices and experiential/ observational critical reflection with the Irish EDI infrastructure and policy landscape and beyond. 

On successful completion of this micro-credential, learners will be able to:  

  • Understand how social policy constructs andrecognises the risks and needs of a variety of social groups. 
  • Critically interrogate how/if social policy contributes and promotes equality, diversity, and inclusion for all in society across a variety of policy domains, and relevant to the learner’s field of interest.
  • Be equipped with the knowledge to debate the underpinning purpose, delivery, and outcomes of policy measures in the context of the lives of the groups of people they were intended to benefit.
  • Evaluate current and possible alternative policies, grounded in reflective analysis, self-directed learning and marshalling of literature and empirical evidence, in the Irish social policy context.
  • Apply their critical and reflective learning, to their area of interest and orientate their learning to their role or sector.

How to apply: Follow the link to apply:

Deadline for Applications: 15th December 2023

Fees: €500

Attachments: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion