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Sat 21 Oct

Rethinking Justice - The First International Legal Psychological Conference

8am – 5pm

O'Reilly hall in UCD campus Belfield

Event Name: Rethinking Justice - Alternatives to Custody for Juvenile Sexual Offenders currently before the courts and those that were juveniles at the time of their historical offending.

Location: O'Reilly hall in UCD campus Belfield

Date(s): 21st of October 2023

Time: 8am – 5pm

Event Info: The main focus of this professional event is to examine the potential alternatives to custody for juvenile sexual offenders, currently before the courts, and individuals that were juveniles at the time of their historical offending behaviours. With the current rise of accusations of this nature among teenagers and children and adults facing historical charges, the areas of false accusations and the complex issue of consent will also be discussed.

It will be highly beneficial for social workers and the professionals working in related support services to attend.

How to book: The conference website link is where you can review the speakers and conference programme and register - places at the venue are limited but it will also be available online via a virtual platform.

Cost: Early  Registration is 455 euros

                         Remote Online Registration is 295 euros

                         Remote Online student registration is 195 euros

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