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IASW Social Work During Covid-19 Ongoing Survey


‘Where will it end, how will practice change, what do we need to do going forward to adapt but protect the core values of our profession?’

The first report on the IASW Social Work During Covid-19 Ongoing Survey presents the findings on the data collected during the final week of lockdown from the 12th – 18th May, approximately seven weeks after lockdown began at midnight on Friday, 27th March. 148 responses were received, with social workers in Children and Families comprising 39% of responses. You can download the report from the right side of this page.

Many thanks to all of you who took the time to complete the survey and to encourage social work friends and colleagues to do so. We had a great response rate and some really useful data.

We need your help and input now and ask that you take the survey again over the next day or two by going to We are keen to hear how you are doing now, what has changed and what needs to change.

We would like to share the survey as widely as we can across the profession, regardless of IASW membership, so please do forward the survey link to your social work colleagues and friends. The more responses we have, the stronger our voice.


The IASW are interested to find out about the work you are now doing, in very difficult circumstances, to hear your concerns and how social work is responding. What you tell us will inform our work and will be used to reflect your views in how we represent the social work profession and our service users with the aim of shaping practice and policy.

The British Association of Social Workers (BASW) have kindly given the IASW permission to replicate their Social work during Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Ongoing Survey, which is already underway, and to adapt that survey with some additional questions. The survey data provided by you and your colleagues will create a record of social work practice in Ireland during Covid-19 and can also be used to compare with BASW's findings. All responses to the survey are anonymous. 

The survey will be live for a number of months and questions will be adapted over time to explore emerging themes and issues in more depth. Please fill out this ongoing survey as many times as you want to tell us what is happening and raise social work related queries. Unfortunately, we will not be able to respond directly to individual concerns. 

The IASW would like to acknowledge and thank the Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA) for the funding support provided for this work.