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Research Journals

In 1997 Kieran McGrath editor of The Irish Journal of Social Work Research, along with Hilda Loughran and Trish Walsh published the first in five volumes of the Irish Journal of Social Work Research. The journals were published in 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000. Click on the publications below for more information on the journals.

  • Irish Journal of Social Work Research Vol 1 No 1 (1997)

    Pdf | 17366KB

    Editorial by Trish Walsh, Young People and Violence in Residential Care: A Case Study by Andrew Fagan, What Do Teachers Do with Child Protection & Child Welfare Concerns which they Encounter in their Classrooms by John Kelly, A Review of Placements within the Eastern Health Board Centralised Emergency Carers Project: October 1992 - January 1994 by Siobhán Connolly, A Content Analysis of Irish Social Worker by Brian Horgan, Research Review Social Work, HIV and Irish Women by Maeve Foreman and Dr. Fiona Mulcahy


  • Irish Journal of Social Work Research Vol 1 No 2 (1998)

    Pdf | 13326KB

    Editorial by Kieran McGrath, Accomodating Difference - The Camphill Approach to Meeting Special Needs by Gráinne Lawlor, Conflicting Paradigms: General Practitioners and the Child Protection System by Helen Buckley, The Durch Inquisitorial Legal System: What Lessons has it for Chld Protection Services within an Adversarial System? by Kieran McGrath, Planning and Implementing Services to Promote the Welfare of Children by Norman Tutt


  • Irish Journal of Social Work Research Vol 2 No 1 (1999) Part 1

    Pdf | 11500KB

    Editorial by Trish Walsh, Perceptions of the Family Support Service in County Wicklow by Janet Convery & Jacinta Murray, The Voice of the Child: Children's Experiences of Criminal Court Proceedings by Deirdre O'Shea & Annie Bousfield


  • Irish Journal of Social Work Research Vol 2 No 1 (1999) Part 2

    Pdf | 9392KB

    Intimately Abused Young People's Perceptions of Social Workers by Délice Osborne, Towards a Sociologial Uderstanding of Social Care Work in Ireland by Carmel Gallagher & Jacqueline O'Toole, Positively Coping: A Study of the Coping Strategies and Resroucefulness of Parents with an Child on the Autistic Spectrum by John Sharry


  • Irish Journal of Social Work Research Vol 2 No 2 (2000)

    Pdf | 19621KB

    Editorial by Hilda Loughran, Children who Survive Cancer by Suzanne Quin, Parenting for a Multicultural Society by Mary Wilson, Irish Foster Parents' Perception of Services Required to Improve Fostering Practices: A Qualitiative Analysis by Dr. Deborah Browne, Prof. Max Taylor, & Ann Maloney, The Influence of Social Factors on Psychiatric Hopsitalisation in Northern Ireland: A Review of the Literature; An Analysis of Official Statistics and the Implications for Social Workers by Roger Manktelow, PRACTICE REVIEW - Can Applied Behaviour Analysis provide a Scientific Basis to Irish Social Work Practice? by Dermot O'Reilly