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Social Workers and Migration (SWIM) Associate Group

Newly established in May 2016, the Social Work and Migration special interest group welcomes new members. It is made up of social workers from a wide variety of settings including child protection and welfare, disability, family support, medical, mental health, and primary care sectors, as well as representatives of immigrant support centres, academics and social work students.

Within an overarching framework of social justice and human rights, the aim of the SIG is to:

  • Promote best social work practice in partnership with migrants
  • Provide a forum and resources for enhancing the training of social workers and their competence in practice with migrants
  • Advocate for progressive social policies and services relevant to migrants by drawing on the experiences of its members and on research evidence.

Committee Members

The Social Work and Migration Committee members during 2019 are:

  • Maeve Foreman, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Social Work, Trinity College
  • Susan Mackey, Social Worker, Nasc,
  • Colletta Dalikeni, Lecturer in Social Care, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Deborah Chemhere, Tusla Homeless Liaison Officer/Team Leader
  • Erica Calder, Senior Social Worker, Enable Ireland
  • Sean Lynch, Research Student
  • Brian Davis, HSE Social Worker, Balseskin Reception Centre for Refugees and Asylum Seekers


The meetings for the year are to be confirmed


The membership numbers for 2019 are: There are currently 85 members who have joined our email database

Recent Member Publications

  • Representation on behalf of IASW at the Children Rights ‘Members Consultation Meeting regarding the National Standards for Accommodation offered to People in the Protection Process (Direct Provision)’
  • Contributions from Members on the Draft National Standards for Accommodation offered to People in the Protection Process (Direct Provision) August 2018
  • Contribution from members to a HSE Consultative Process on the drafting of a vulnerability assessment for newly arrived asylum seekers
  • Sharing of information on best practice resources in the area through a shared access folder and communicating of relevant training/information through our email network

2019 Member Publications: 

Dalikeni Colletta, Child-rearing practices: cross cultural perspectives of African asylum-seeking families and child protection social workers in Ireland (2019) European Journal of Social Work   

Caroline McGregor, Colletta Dalikeni, Carmel Devaney, Lisa Moran & Sheila Garrity (2019) Practice guidance for culturally sensitive practice in working with children and families who are asylum seekers: learning from an early years study in Ireland, Child Care in Practice, DOI