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Primary Care (SWIPC)

Who we are? 

We are a group of primary care social workers who are coming together to provide a forum for learning and information sharing with a view to enhancing our roles in primary care across the country 

Vision Statement 

Social workers in primary care connecting as a group to share their learning; and promoting best practice and excellence in the changing landscape of Primary Care. 

Mission Statement 

To enable social workers in Primary Care to feel connected as a group and to represent a strong voice within their networks and in their local communities. 


  • To re-establish Primary Care SIG in a crucial time of transition for the field with the development of ECCN (Enhanced Community Care network) and provision of additional social work posts nationally  
  • To connect with social workers nationwide and explore what specialist groups have developed within the ECCN model of Primary care and how social work forms alliances with these MDT’s to encourage collaborative practice. 
  • Actively encourage membership of the group and connect with staff members nationwide; new and those who have worked for a period of time in Primary Care, to share practice wisdom 
  • Improve visibility in the community 
  • Develop pathways in social work in primary care and highlight innovative practice 
  • To create a forum for information sharing, learning and training. 
  • Highlighting the core role of social work within the Enhanced Community Care network model 
  • Developing a strong presence at clinical team meetings and educating other disciplines of the role and value of social work. 
  • To promote continuous professional development of social workers in PC. 
  • Develop links with colleges to encourage uptake of social work student placements; encouraging mentoring for students, thus promoting Primary Care.  
  • Supporting new social workers joining Primary Care and providing mentoring  
  • To advocate for career progression in Primary Care namely through HSCP Career Pathways upgrade and to represent views on same to Forsa and IASW. 
  • To discuss practice in relation to our responsibilities under CORU. 

Committee Members 

  • Chair - Susan Doherty
  • Secretary - Sarah Fox

How often meetings take place 

In accordance with our Special Interest Group Terms of Reference, SIG’s shall:

  • Hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year and elect a new committee.
  • The Committee shall meet not less than four times per year and can include the AGM, but more frequently if considered necessary by the committee. The quorum for all meetings of the Committee shall be four (4) members.

How to join 

Please contact administrator@iasw.iewho will put you in contact with Primary Care SIG Secretary