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All students graduating in any given year will automatically move to ANNUAL (one payment) First Year Post Qualify membership in March of the following year (regardless of when they joined or when they paid the last student fee). To pay your fee in monthly instalments, the member must contact the Office Administrator before 1st March.
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By making an application you agree to uphold the IASW Code of Ethics and Practice if accepted.


Advertising with IASW

Option 1:
Web Advert & Email Circular: our standard charge for adverts: €275.00 (flat fee, no VAT charged) 

Option 2:
Full A5 Page Colour Advert in our annual Journal: our charge is €425.00 (flat fee, no VAT charged) 

We advertise on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. All adverts we have will be sent on an email circular together to our 1,700+ members. All adverts will be individually placed in the ‘Jobs’ or ‘Events’ sections of the IASW website until its closing date or for a maximum of six months, whichever occurs first.


When preparing an email & web advert for IASW, please use one of the following forms:

Submitting your advert

Adverts should be submitted by email to our Office Administrator at - include the following items:

  1. Relevant IASW Adverts Template
  2. Any documents that you wish to have attached to your advert (as downloadable files). 
  3. If you operate a Purchase Order system, then please submit the PO number with your advert.

You will normally receive a response within 3 working days of your submission. We allow 30 days for you to pay by cheque or EFT from the invoice date.

Please contact the office if you have any enquiries. 

IASW Advert Terms and Conditions