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All students graduating in any given year will automatically move to ANNUAL (one payment) First Year Post Qualify membership in March of the following year (regardless of when they joined or when they paid the last student fee). To pay your fee in monthly instalments, the member must contact the Office Administrator before 1st March.

By making an application you agree to uphold the IASW Code of Ethics and Practice if accepted.


IASW Membership

IASW members are provided with support and representation in the practice of our profession, as well as an opportunity to improve the standards & quality of Social Work in Ireland. The IASW welcomes members from across the profession, from those who are fully qualified or retired, to those new to the role or studying for their qualification.  



Full Member
This category is applicable to members who are qualified over one year and are working over 20 hours per week.
€195 (annual) and €205 (monthly payments of €17.08)

This category is applicable to members who are qualified over one year and are working 20 hours or less per week
€135 (annual) and €145 (monthly payments of €12.08)

This category is applicable to members who are unemployed or working on a voluntary / unpaid bases.
€50.00 (annual)

This category is applicable to members who have obtained their qualification in the Republic of Ireland, but reside outside of the Republic of Ireland
€65.00 (annual)

First Year Post Qualify
This category is applicable to members who have been qualified and who are working in a social work post for up to one year.
€160 (annual) and €170 (monthly payments of €14.17)

This category is applicable to people who are students working towards a qualification recognised by CORU, the Social Work Registration Board.
€30.00 (annual)

IASW Membership is available at a special rate to those who have retired from the profession and are no longer practicing.
€60.00 (annual)

As per our Memo & Arts: Honorary Members shall be persons who, in the opinion of the Association, have done distinguished work furthering the objectives of the Association. They may be elected at a General Meeting of the Association on the nomination of the Board of Directors and those persons so elected shall become Honorary Members for life. Honorary Members shall not be liable to pay subscriptions and shall have full voting rights.


IASW membership year runs for a one-year or one-month period from the date you join, this means can join at any stage in the year. Your IASW Membership renews automatically. Contact the office If at any time you would like to cancel your membership or update your membership category. Members can update their card details via the members area.

Fitness to Practice Legal Expense Coverage: The IASW provides Fitness to Practise Legal Expenses cover FREE to the 'working' membership categories ONLY: Full-Time, Part-Time (20hrs or less) and First Year Post Qualify members.



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What Our Members Are Saying

“I have been a member of the IASW since qualifiying as a social worker and for me the IASW is my go to for support, advocacy and learning. In a time where we are all busy in our different roles, it is great to have the IASW for up to the minute news on events, training, recruitment and special interest groups - all in one place; it even arrives in my inbox! Their contribution and response to national and current affairs is where I feel my voice is heard. Making contact with the IASW team is super easy and they have responded to all my queries over the years so efficiently - thank you guys.” 
Patricia Sweeney 
"Being an active member of IASW has supported my professional development as a social worker. It's given me the opportunity to work with others from a wide range of settings on issues that are important to social work practice and to contribute to the development of that practice nationally." 
Monica Hynds Flanaghan
"I would highly recommend membership of the IASW. The challenging work which social workers and their managers face should not be done without the support of a professional association, which IASW offers it's members. In addition, the frequent notifications from the IASW of professional development courses and training is an essential part of our CPD requirements." 
Desmond Delaney


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