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CORU Update

CORU would like to inform you that the review of our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) approach commenced in 2017, has been completed.

The outcome of this review is a CPD Guidance Document and CPD Support Document available on

  • The CPD Guidance Document provides direction for you to comply with your Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics. 
  • The CPD Support Document offers tools that can help you to build and demonstrate your engagement in CPD, and ultimately meet your CPD requirements under your Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics.   

The documents were developed on foot of learnings arising from conducting two CPD audits, registrants’ feedback and extensive consultation with a range of stakeholders.

What does this mean for you?

  • The new approach also allows greater scope for Registration Boards to engage with registrants, whilst proactively influencing service user outcomes. Your Registration Board will issue profession specific support to you for CPD in due course.
  • The new Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics sets clear expectations around CPD for you.
  • The purpose of audit is to satisfy that you have a system and process in place to keep your professional knowledge and skills up to date. If selected for audit, CORU will look at your record of CPD.
  • In line with regulatory best practice, profession specific assessors will no longer be used, but rather a review of CPD records will be conducted by CORU staff with expertise in CPD.
  • Supporting documentation to evidence engagement in CPD will no longer be required as part of a CPD record. You will be required to evidence the impact of your learning on your practice through the reflective aspects of the CPD record. 

Your Registration Board will audit the revised CPD record templates and the audit period relevant to your profession is available on the CORU website.

How was the CPD Review conducted?

In 2016, the Education Committee of the Health and Social Care Professionals Council reviewed CORU’s overall approach to CPD with particular attention to the issue of audits and enforcement. The Education Committee and Council gave extensive time and consideration to all aspects of CORU’s approach to CPD. During this review, your Registration Board had advised that it would not conduct an audit of your CPD Portfolio, but reminded you of your ongoing responsibility, under the Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics, to engage in CPD.

Learnings from CPD Audits

The Social Workers Registration Board and Radiographers Registration Board completed CPD Portfolio audits. Trend reports from both audits have been published on the CORU website. The learning arising from conducting two audits has informed the revised CPD approach. This has resulted in a streamlined CPD record that will reduce the burden of recording on registrants.

Registrants should note that the requirement to engage in CPD as per your Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics remains regardless of being selected for audit.  Your Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics is available to view on the CORU website.

Please refer to the frequently asked questions relating to CPD on the CORU website for further information; or email