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Board Committees & SIG Network

Our Board Committees are comprised of a small subsection of the Board of Directors. The Committees have a more specific purpose and mission that then Board as a whole. Committees of the Board provide a platform for the board to deal with specific issues that require specialised areas of expertise. Committees allow boards to divide the work of the board into manageable sections. Our committees focus specifically on areas such as Finance, Human Resources, Risk, Governance, CPD, ISW Journal, MBH & Adoption and International Affairs.

Committees of the Board

HR, Risk & Governance
The Board of the Irish Association of Social Workers CLG has established the above Committee to advise and support it regarding its work and responsibilities as a Company in the areas of HR, Risk and Governance.
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Finance & Audit
The Board of the Irish Association of Social Workers CLG has established the above Committee to advise and support it in its work and responsibilities of the Company in the areas of Financial and Audit standards and practices. 
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CPD Committee
The CPD committee will act to support the achievement of professional development aims of the IASW Strategic Plan. The committee will support, assist, and advise the development and review of CPD resources to IASW members.
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Journal Committee
Gloria Kirwan is the current Journal Editor, who is in the process of collating articles for the Winter 2020 edition. The Journal Committee is also supported in their work by a blind panel of peer reviewers. 
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International Affairs Committee (IAC) & The International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW)
The International Federation of Social Work (IFSW) represents social work organisations from approximately 140 countries across the world, grouped into 5 regions. The IASW has been a member organisation of the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) for 40 years.
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Mother Baby Home & Adoption
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Special Interest Groups (SIG)

Membership of Special Interest Groups (SIG) and Associate Groups is open to members of the IASW. The SIGs and Associate Groups highlight priority issues for social work and for the Association, they identify training needs as well as providing information which is fed back to the Board. Learn more about SIG's and Associate Groups, and explore content relating to each group by selecting from the list below. If you are interested in joining a SIG or Associate Group, or wish to get in touch with any of them, please email 

Social Workers in Ageing (SIGA) Special Interest Group 
SIGA is a group of social workers that work with older persons, who wish to pursue the best interests of older persons and promote professional development of social work practice with older persons.
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Social Workers working with Children & Families (C&F) Special Interest Group
C&F is involved in all matters relating to the service provided to children and families in Community Social Work.
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Social Workers in Disability (SWID) Special Interest Group
SWID was formed for social workers with an interest in the area of disability services. SWID represents issues for social workers in physical and sensory, ID and neurological conditions and crosses acute to community services. SWID is a SIG for any social worker working in these areas as well as social workers who have an interest in or come into contact with disability services.
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Social Workers in the Southern Region Special Interest Group
The Southern Region SIG was set up in 2005 to represent Social Workers in both statutory and voluntary agencies, and to promote the professional development of Social Work practice.
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Social Workers in Foster Care (SWIFC) Special Interest Group
SWIFC aims to provide a forum for Social Workers engaged in the area of Foster Care, to express relevant professional perspectives and to advocate on behalf of children in Foster Care.
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Social Workers in Adult Mental Health (SWAMH) Special Interest Group
SWAMH aims to support colleagues, promote best practice in the interest of service users through CPD events, sharing information and contributing to national mental health policy and developments.
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Primary Care Special Interest Group
Primary care social workers who are coming together to provide a forum for learning and information sharing with a view to enhancing our roles in primary care across the country 
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Adult Safeguarding and Protection (ASaP) Associate Group
The for all adults to be safeguarded with equal access to protection across Ireland and supported within the code of conduct and ethics, law, policy, regulations and standard of best professional social work practice for social justice, and to promote and protect human rights. 
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Anti-Racism Advisory Group (ARAG)
The ARAG’s mission is to raise awareness of the negative impact of Racism in Social Work highlighting how Racism has no place in a profession which purports to have human rights and Social Justice as its core practice principles.  
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Social Group

Retired Social Workers Social Group
The Retired group is formed by many of the retired Social Workers, aiming to support one another, meet and share experiences.
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Associate Groups

Head Medical Social Workers (HMSW) Associate Group
HMSW provides a forum for the development and implementation of best standards among medical social workers in Ireland. The group also functions as an information exchange among heads of departments, as well as lobbying on issues relating to our client group and finally as a support to Head Medical Social Workers in their work.
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