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All students graduating in any given year will automatically move to ANNUAL (one payment) First Year Post Qualify membership in March of the following year (regardless of when they joined or when they paid the last student fee). To pay your fee in monthly instalments, the member must contact the Office Administrator before 1st March.
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Who We Are?

The Irish Association of Social Workers is the national professional body for social workers in the Republic of Ireland. It was founded in 1971 and has a membership of more than 1,700 social workers. The IASW is an active member of the International Federation of Social Workers, which represents professional social work associations from over 55 different countries with more than 350,000 social workers in all parts of the world.

The Association operates by means of an elected Board of Directors which includes; the Chair of the Board, Vice-Chair, Company Secretary and Treasurer. The SIG Network is made up of the Special Interest Groups (SIG’s) and an Associate Group, and is the advisory body to the Board. Many components of the IASW, from the Special Interest Groups to the Chair of the Board, operate on the time given by members. It is up to the members of the Association to participate in order to make it effective. 

We provide a range of relevant, needs-based member benefits and services. Come and join us

Through our staff, our members and our strategic relationships we grow our community, where members belong as individuals and as a collective, advancing the profession through excellence in standards and practice. Our resourcefulness and commitment drive us to go the extra mile.

We exist, as the representative body, to advance the interests of our members, the profession and service users, working together for improved lives, social justice and equality for all.

Our Vision 

Our Vision is for the IASW to be the strong, ethical, and independent voice of social work and social workers in Ireland. We strive to ensure that the full potential and positive impact of social work is delivered, helping to create a better society, through the promotion of excellence in practice, social justice, and human rights. 

Our Mission 

Our mission, as the representative body of social work in Ireland, is to advance the interests of our members, the profession and service users; working with our members and partner bodies for enhanced wellbeing, human rights, social justice, and equality for all. 

The Objectives of the Association are:

  1. Membership: Continue to develop and implement strategies to increase membership numbers and engagement, including specific focus on student and early-career social workers.
  2. Communications: Develop a comprehensive communications and public affairs strategy for the IASW.
  3. Continuing Professional Development (CPD): Put in place and implement a strategic plan for the ongoing delivery and development of our CPD programme.
  4. Representing Social Work: Ensure the sustainable development of the IASW, as the professional body representing and supporting the social work profession in the Republic of Ireland.
  5. IASW Structure, Resources and Governance: Review all aspects of IASW structure, resources, and governance, to match organisational structure with strategic needs and goals; and implement change accordingly.
  6. Influencing Policy & Practice: Use the IASW’s expertise and resources to influence the development of local, national, and international policy and practice; including through our advocacy strategy, our anti-racism strategy and prioritisation of Sustainable Development Goals, incorporating climate and environmental justice issues.
  7. International Partnerships: Continue and develop work with IFSW/IFSW Europe and BASW/BASW-NI on issues of mutual concern and interest

You can download our 2022 - 2024 Strategic Plan here