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Thu 30 May

Mindfulness based Self Care: Tools to enhance Resilience using Positive Neuro Plasticity


Kilkenny City

€ IASW members/€50 non-members

This course will explore the power of Positive Neuroplasticity Relaxation, Mindfulness and Meditation for the promotion of both our own health and wellbeing and that of our clients. 

The capacity to build self-care habits and mindful awareness of one’s body and mind can help us to address many of the underlying problems of modern diseases. 

By developing self-care practices and being more mindful we cultivate deeper levels of personal understanding and greater degrees of insight. This sheds light on present moment experience and helps us to build trust in our capacity to heal ourselves, our clients and our communities. 



Research is showing that Health care workers are becoming more overwhelmed and stressed due to long waiting lists and pressure on the Health care system. The need for solutions to promote resilience, self-care, positive mental health and better overall work performance is essential in the fast-paced world we live in.

As OTs we often work on the front lines, witnessing human suffering. When an OT has his/her own personal/practice tool kit they are more able to remain present to their own internal mental emotional and physical dialogue. This reduces burnout and enhances self-efficacy. The capacity to build self- care habits and Mindful awareness of one’s body and mind can help us to improve relationships, increase performance through better concentration, and lead to emotionally healthy and happy lives.

Neuro scientists have published thousands of papers showing the benefits of Mindfulness and Compassion, they go all the way down to our chromosomes. In recent research Nobel prize winning scientist Elizabeth Blackburn and her colleague Elissa Epel found that after 8 weeks of mindfulness and compassion training subjects saw a lengthening of their telomeres, which are often described as protective caps on our chromosomes that get shorter as we age. This type of CPD is being developed in the US and UK for frontline staff to alleviate stress levels, build resilience and self-regulation. 


Aims of the training:

This workshop incorporates Myzenpod micro-practices to

  • Build resilience, integrating skills of mindfulness and compassion.
  • Deepen reflective practice.
  • Develop skills, practices and attitudes to respond skilfully to life’s challenges.
  • Develop self- care awareness, one’s own practice for inner resilience.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety on behalf of the OT as a clinician and for their clients.
  • Improve capacity as an empathic communicator and develop clear boundaries/more skilful handling of relationship conflict


Workshop content

  1. Importance of an Integrated Health care approach emphasising the Body/Mind connection.
  2. Essence of Positive neuro Plasticity.
  3. How the Brain works/Neuro science/ Physiology of Brain.
  4. Mindfulness based self-care.
  5. Tools for Resilience and building the capacity for Reflection.
  6. Micro practices during presentation to embody stress relief and mindful awareness.
  7. Development of psychological resources and Inner strengths.
  8. Power of Relaxation , relaxation of self.
  9. Occupational performance linked with Sensory diet.
  10. Time out to reboot ,relax and rejuvenate.


Who should apply?

This workshop will be suitable for OTs of all grades, Nurses, other Allied health professionals, newly qualified doctors. Priority will be given to AOTI members in the event that the workshop is over-subscribed. Non-members are also welcome to apply. 



Nikki  Fitzpatrick (AOTI CORU) the creator of has worked in the area of Integrated Health Care for over 25 years, she is an Occupational Therapist, Homeopath and Mindfulness meditation teacher. She specialises in Relaxation, Mindfulness and meditation and was shortlisted for the Ann Beckett award in 2013 for the provision of lifestyle programmes in the community entitled “Live your best Life” which was presented at conference.

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