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Fri 21 Jun

Green Platform Approach


Catherine Mc Auley Centre, Herbert Street, Dublin 2

€100 IASW members/€180 non-members

The Green Platform approach has been a proven method in successfully training and supporting managers, throughout all walks of consumer businesses, to lead projects, influence people and survive in pressurized environments. This workshop is designed to enable OT Managers and senior OT's to be more confident, influential and persuasive at work through recognizing the link between your communication skills and the impact they can have on others.


In a changing healthcare landscape, Health and Social Care Professionals are expected to create a positive can-do attitude and be solution focused.  The Green Platform empowers managers to harness their positivity in their own roles to lead out with their teams and their projects to ensure success.  These Management Skills are not embedded into our clinical training or current HSE induction practices for Managers within the HSE; it is therefore necessary and fruitful to invest in such training and skill for Managers in post graduate CPD opportunities.

This unmet training need has been identified by Occupational Therapist managers and is currently not available through regular training forums.

 This training comprises of a one day workshop which will outline the themes and principles of the Green Platform books by Declan Coyle.  (The Green Platform – Simply Life Changing, and, Living The Green Platform – Life Changing Stories).

Aims of the Training:

  • To create a positive Can-Do enthusiastic solution-focused culture
  • To increase awareness of a positive self-image
  • Define the Green Platform approach and encourage choosing a Green Platform response in any given set of circumstances
  • Share Green Platform stories to empower
  • Encourage and recognise the power of questioning to deliver a positive outcome
  • Emphases the power of the Green Platform Positive Beliefs in bringing about positive changes.

Workshop content:

The workshop explores the five themes of the Green Platform from the first book.

  1. EMOTION: A negative event generates a negative emotion, which can create a cyclical process.  Feelings and emotions are a natural response to events.  In change and working environments it is important to adopt an 'it is as it is' attitude. Instead of dwelling on what could or should have been, instead recognise and accept the reality of what you are facing.
  2. CHOICE: We always have a choice as to how we respond to any event.  When we choose Green Platform Thinking we accept the reality facing us and take responsibility for the future; we thus reject Red Platform thinking which enables us to be stuck in negative thinking.  This supports us to channel our energy in the correct ways.  
  3. GREEN OR RED:  Depending on which choice we make we will step onto either the Green or Red Platforms. These explore the meanings, questions, beliefs and metaphors we have about events and how we view them.
  4. OUTCOMES: Outcomes depend on which perspective and actions we choose.  Choosing a green platform leads to more positive outcomes in both our personal and professional lives
  5. Quality of Life: decisions shape destiny; overall we experience a more positive quality of life from living on a Green Platform, and a more negative quality of life choosing the Red Platform

Who should apply?

This workshop is suitable for OT's working in management positions. Priority will be given to managers, followed by senior clinicians. AOTI members will have priority over non-members in the case of over subscription to the course.  

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