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Thu 11 Mar

Death, Dying and Bereavement during Covid-19 - Wave 3 Issues & Responses

12.45 - 14.00


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This lunchtime webinar will focus on the issues for social workers working with those dying and bereaved during wave three of Covid-19 as well as highlighting and sharing knowledge generated through recent social work practice. Areas addressed include:


  • Guidance for bereavement care – Predeath/ Around the time of death/after death;
  • Issues particular to wave three, e.g., increased stress due to increased transmissibility;
  • Legacy for social workers in other services who will be responding to the needs of the bereaved in the future.

Our speakers on the day are Niamh Finucane (Co-ordinator of Social Work and Bereavement Services, St. Francis Hospice Dublin) and Irene Murphy (Director of Bereavement and Family Support Services, Marymount Hospice).

Irene Murphy

Irene is Director of Bereavement & Family Support Services at Marymount Hospice, Cork, Ireland. She began her social work career working in Maternity and Paediatric settings in the Coombe Womens Hospital and later at the National Maternity Hospital in Dublin.  In the maternity setting, one of the central aspects of her role was with families who experienced stillbirth and neonatal death. Her current post is in specialist palliative care where she has worked for 22 years.  She is a founding member and current chair of the Hospice & Palliative Care Social Work Network and was a board member of the European Association for Palliative Care from 2011 - 2019.  She has a longstanding interest in bereavement care and is co-chair of the EAPC Task Force on Bereavement Care in Palliative Care.

Niamh Finucane

Niamh is the Co-ordinator of Social Work & Bereavement Services, St. Francis Hospice Dublin. She has worked there for 14 years, initially as a Senior Social Worker on both the Community Palliative Care Teams and in the In-patient unit, moving in the last 6 years to her current role. Niamh also has previous experience in Child Welfare & Child Protection work, fostering and Medical Social Work in an acute hospital setting. Niamh has written and presented on the role of social work in palliative care and working in bereavement. She has been involved in national projects on the development of palliative care and the development of bereavement services.