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Wed 01 Jun

FULLY BOOKED Trauma Informed Approaches to Self Neglect

9.30am - 1.30pm


€30 IASW members/€100 non-members

The IASW Special Interest Group for Social Workers working with Aging and Older Persons (SIGA) identified the need for this CPD as referrals for self-neglect are increasing annually to Social Work services. SIGA recognises the impact of these behaviours on both the individual and to the Social Worker providing a supportive service as intervention requires a significant level of support and resources. SIGA members wish to promote this issue to provide Social Workers, and other Health and Social Care Professionals, with knowledge of self-neglect and how to support clients, and services, in these often complex cases. In particular SIGA is of the view that this training is very timely due to the proposed upcoming changes in national Safeguarding policy, legislation and HIQA standards.


The training will take place over two sessions on 1st June and 21st September. Participants will be supported to:

  • Recognise why people self-neglect
  • Recognise the role of past trauma in self-neglect and on a person’s ability to function
  • Risk assessment and planned response to ensure safety
  • Consider systems in place and what is needed in agency to provide an effective service


The first session ‘Trauma Informed’ takes place on 1st June from 9.30am – 1.30pm

Aim: To recognise why people self-neglect


  • To note the importance of understanding the persons story of what happened to them from early childhood
  • To recognise trauma through body language and responses
  • To identify the impact of trauma on a persons ability to function
  • To know how to support a person to overcome the impact of trauma


The second session focuses on self-neglect and safeguarding the person, taking place on 21st September from 9.30am – 1.30pm.

Aim: To identify ways to keep a person safe and well when self-neglecting


  • To understand the need for early intervention
  • To recognise the need for a multi-agency response
  • To work with the person regarding decision making
  • To prevent the ‘hot potato’ situation – services passing the individual around from service to service without results
  • To chair multi-agency meeting – agenda
  • To risk assess and plan proportionate responses


Speaker Biography

Deborah Barnett is a qualified social worker with experience across all aspects of adult services. Deborah has been a member of the Safeguarding Adults Board within her local authority of Durham and runs a successful training and consultancy business, T-ASC (training, advice, solutions & consultancy).  Deborah conduct’s consultancy work in any aspect of the Safeguarding Adults Board work. She has experience of chairing / authoring Safeguarding Adults Reviews / Domestic Homicide Reviews, chairing Safeguarding Adults Board and provides advice, guidance and training to Safeguarding Adults Board partners.

Deborah is the author of a number of Safeguarding articles and two safeguarding adults’ books. “Self Neglect and Hoarding: A Guide to Safeguarding and Support” & “The Straightforward Guide to Safeguarding Adults: From Getting the Basics Right to Applying Care Act and Criminal Investigations.”

Some of Deborah’s other key achievements include:

Member of Local Safeguarding Children’s Boards

  • Chair and panel member for complaints reviews
  • Independent Social Work and consultancy
  • Public Speaker in Safeguarding Adults, Domestic Abuse and Mental Capacity Act at large national conference events such as Community Care Live and Health Care UK Conferences
  • ADASS Chair for 12 North Eastern Local Authorities (Safeguarding Training)
  • Developed and delivered accredited Safeguarding Training up to L6 in conjunction with Teesside University
  • Created a successful response to self-neglect and deliver consultancy / services
  • Consultancy work in Safeguarding Adult Policy development and Mental Capacity Act policy development
  • Consultancy work in Safeguarding Adult Quality Assurance and Governance arrangements
  • Consultancy work in Safeguarding Adult Board Development Sessions
  • Local and national research in Safeguarding Adults in conjunction with Universities and Safeguarding Adults Boards