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Wed 19 Oct

FULLY BOOKED Topping up the Tank: Enhancing the Emotional Resilience of Social Workers

12.00 - 1.30pm


€0 IASW members/€25 non-members

This webinar is a collaboration between the IASW and BASW Northern Ireland, building on the themes explored in Sarah Rose's webinar last year Humans or Robots? Nurturing a compassionate culture in social work teams


Workshop description

Emotional resilience is usually seen as multi-faceted and comprising of diverse pathways to cope with adversity. Traditionally, the focus has been on the individual’s efforts to maintain their own resilience, with less attention to the social and structural context in which adversity and resilience may arise.

This workshop will present a holistic model of resilience encompassing personal, relational, cultural and structural factors. Through the use of this model, attention will be paid not only to the ways in which the resilience tank of social workers can be ‘topped up’ but also to the factors that potentially deplete it, and how they may be addressed.

There will be opportunities for small group discussion to reflect on the ideas presented in the workshop, and consider how they may apply to your own experiences. You will be encouraged to identify some key themes to take back to your workplaces for further discussion.



Sarah Rose is a former social worker in adult services in Scotland, and is currently involved in social work education and research. She has recently finished a PhD at the University of Edinburgh on the topic of emotional resilience for social workers.