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Thu 08 Feb

Building Connections: Reflections on Relationship-Based Practice When Working With Refugee Families

12.30 - 2.00pm


€5 IASW members/€25 non-members

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The webinar, led by Dr. Colletta Dalikeni, aims to address a pivotal question: How can relationship-based practice be effectively applied to inform social work interventions when working with asylum-seeking families enduring precarious conditions? During the presentation, Dr. Dalikeni will delve into her recently published book titled 'Child Protection Social Work and Asylum-Seeking Families in Ireland: Issues of Race, Culture, Power Relations, and Mistrust.' This book serves as a valuable resource, offering a framework to inform contemporary social work practices through the lens of relationship-based practice.

Dr. Colletta Dalikeni, is a registered social worker with over 15 years of practice and academic experience in social work and social care and is presently based at Dundalk Institute of Technology. Her primary research and practice interests centre on the intersection of relationship-based practice, cultural competence, and anti-racist approaches within the field of child protection social work. Colletta’s research is anchored in a study that explores the experiences of child protection social workers and families within the Irish international protection system, shedding light on how parents or guardians, originating from diverse cultural backgrounds, navigate the intricate landscape of the child protection and welfare system alongside their social workers. The research aims to provide insights into the multifaceted challenges encountered, emphasizing the potential benefits of implementing relationship-based practice for enhanced outcomes.