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Wed 15 May

Leadership – Winning Negotiations

10.00am - 4.00pm


€10 IASW members/€10 non-members

This is an interdisciplinary workshop at which social work has six places.

The course has been funded by the HSCP Office, HSE. As such, places are available to social workers in the publicly funded healthcare service only.

These workshops will be targeting at senior management and leaders in the HSE thus, ensuring leaders and managers can maintain and develop skills to deliver a high-quality strategic service and not be blocked if they are faced with challenges and conflict within teams.

These workshops have been designed for leaders/managers who attempt or avoid difficult conversations out of fear of the consequences. Typically, when the conversation does occur the parties think and feel a lot more than they say. These one-day workshops will address any issues that make conversations difficult and develop strategies as well as present tools that can be used to have real meaningful conversations where both parties are happy with the outcomes. Learning how to proactively navigate conflict, ensuring that all voices are heard, and that the most workable and practical solution can be implemented.  Navigating conflict and leading change is our new mind-set, in which we help teams move from conflict to constructive disagreement as a catapult to high performance and moving forward with projects. It can lead to higher job satisfaction, stronger relationships with colleagues, and innovation

Aim: Develop skills for HSCP staff to operate in the current environment and effectively have those difficult conversations. Increase confidence in how to diagnose a situation.

  • The importance of a negotiation framework linked to clear business objectives.
  • Planning and conducting the negotiation—paying close attention to the seven negotiation elements—relationship, communication, interests, options, legitimacy, BATNA, and commitment.
  • The phases of negotiation—preparation, exploration, proposal, bargaining, securing agreement, and implementation.
  • Your own negotiation style and its impact on negotiation outcomes.
  • Tactics and behaviours at the negotiation table.

About the Facilitator:

Dr Gearoid Hardy, leadership development consultant with over 35 years’ experience of implementing change in both public and private sectors. He has gained extensive experience and knowledge working in higher education, healthcare, financial services, technology, manufacturing, and policing. His career has both an Irish and an international dimension, having worked extensively across Europe, Middle East, Asia and the US. Gearóid has been an adjunct lecturer for 25 years, lecturing on leadership and management on MBA and Masters programmes in a number of Universities across the world. He coaches CEO’s and senior executives from a diverse range of backgrounds including senior UCD staff. He is accustomed to asking the challenging and often unpopular questions that draws people out of their comfort zones. He continually prompts leaders to reassess the situation, leading them to new-found clarity from within