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Fri 24 May

How Social Work Could Address Labor Market Inequality & Promote Ethnic Minority Representation from the Lens of Critical Race Theory

10.00 - 11.30am


€5 IASW members/€25 non-members


This webinar has been organised by the IASW Anti-Racism Advisory Group (ARAG)


Speaker Biography

Dr Ebun Joseph is a Diversity and Race relations consultant, Module Coordinator and Lecturer, Black Studies at University College Dublin (UCD), Director Institute of Antiracism and Black Studies (IABS), and founder & Chairperson, African Scholars Association Ireland, AFSAI (2018-2022). Dr Joseph held the position of Career Development Consultant at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (2017-2021), and was a Teaching Fellow at Trinity College Dublin, Training and Employment Officer EPIC (2007 -2017). Ebun is an author, TV panellist, Columnist and an equality activist. With a research focus on Labour markets and race relations, she has presented at several conferences, businesses and nonprofits. Ebun is published and contributes regular responses on contemporary issues of race and racism in Ireland. Her recent book is titled, Racial stratification in Ireland: A Critical race theory of labour market inequality with Manchester University press. She also co-authored the book, Challenging Perceptions of Africa in Schools: Critical Approaches to Global Justice Education with Routledge in Jan 2020. Dr Joseph’s 2020 article won the IRJ Prize awarded to the paper adjudicated to represent the best original contribution to the journal in a given year. ‘Composite counterstorytelling as a technique for challenging ambivalence about race and racism in the labour market in Ireland.’