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Tue 04 Jun

Exploring Ecosocial Work - a Consultation

12.30 - 1.45pm


€0 IASW members/€25 non-members

The IASW will be participating at an IFSW European seminar on Ecosocial Work on 13/14 June. We are interested to know the views of social workers on the key questions for consideration at the conference and invite you to take part in a lunchtime webinar to consider and feedback your views on the questions below so they can be shared at the IFSW conference. The process will also feed into the development of the next Strategic Plan for the IASW. 

The focus of the IFSW conference revolves around the exploration and integration of ecosocial work as a new paradigm and will focus on the following issues in particular. It would be helpful to think about and discuss the questions below in advance of the webinar:

  • If we consider ecosocial work as a new paradigm, what does this imply for social work practice and professional ethics?
  • How can social work contribute to a sustainable society that promotes and encompasses an integration of ecological and social issues and different dimensions of justice?
  • How can we promote a shift from ego to eco, and which educational methods are useful to develop eco-awareness without being paternalistic?
  • What can we learn from indigenous and local knowledge, and how can we promote diversity and ecology of knowledge? What dilemmas do we encounter when respecting a diversity of knowledge?
  • How can we prepare students of social work for their role in the development and implementation of an eco-social contract?

 Furhter details to follow.