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Social Workers working with Children & Families (C&F) Special Interest Group

Who we are?  

Children and Families Special Interest Group 

Vision Statement:  

A society where children are valued, protected and cherished to live their most creative life in environments that are safe, healthy and nourishing 

Mission Statement  

To improve outcomes for children and families through engaging with policy and the practice of social workers. advocating for issues impacting on children and families as identified by social workers in practice 


To support and advocate social workers in their role ensuring that children and their families are offered appropriate, timely and human rights centred care from the social work profession, in line with our professional principals and ethics 

How often meetings take place  

Approximately monthly 

Current Activities/Plans/Projects  

Advocating with services for children and families for better placement options, therapeutic supports and an ever-improving standard of social work support. This includes advocating for appropriate recruitment and retention for social workers, and the ongoing development and recognition of the unique role offered by social workers to children and families. 

How to join  

You can request to join this group via the IASW office