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Social Workers in Foster Care (SWIFC) Special Interest Group

The aim of the SWIFC (Social Workers in Foster Care) Special Interest Group is to provide a forum for Social Workers engaged in the area of Foster Care to express relevant professional perspectives and to advocate on behalf of children in Foster Care.

The Group’s objectives are:

  1. To promote the professional interests of Social Workers who work in the area of Foster Care
  2. To promote the achievement of the highest professional Social Work standards in this area
  3. To develop a strong voice to advocate on behalf of children in Foster Care and to promote their best interests
  4. To highlight the importance of permanency planning for all children with whom social workers are involved.
  5. To promote secure and healthy attachments with a recognition of the developmental needs of children in care
  6. To support the fostering dyad where it is in the best interest of the child and promote the concept of continuity of care for the child.
  7. To encourage dialogue between Social Workers and Foster Carers at local and national level, both individually and organisationally
  8. To establish professional expertise in the area of Fostering from a Social Work perspective.
  9. To be available to both governmental and non-governmental agencies as a professional voice in the area of Foster Care
  10. To endeavour to make international links with Social Work colleagues involved in foster care in other jurisdictions
  11. To Promote and encourage research in all areas of foster care practice and develop links to third level colleges to increase awareness among relevant professionals of the dynamic and complex nature of foster care provision.

Committee Members

The Committee members during 2019 are:

  • Valerie O’Brien (Chair)
  • Harold Barber (Secretary)
  • Avril Kelly
  • Joan Boland
  • Mary Flanagan
  • Derek Hanley
  • Monica Vaughan
  • Joan Boland
  • Colette Toland
  • Karen Hope
  • Eoin O’Mahoney


  • The Group will meet on the following date(s):
  • Date: 30TH July. Location: Tele-conference
  • Date: 17th September. Location: Tele-conference
  • Date: 26th October. Location: SWIFC meeting at IFCA Conference, Limerick
  • Date: 5th November. Location: Tele-conference
  • Date: 17th December. Location: Tele-conference


The membership numbers for 2019 are: Approximately 60.

Recent Publications: See Downloads